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A Letter From The Club President

Dear Future Fortis FC Members:

Fortis FC will be a collaboration of a number of coaches who have collective years of experience at the recreational, club, high school, and college level of soccer in the Blackstone Valley, Worcester County and beyond.  This group in many cases has competed against each other for many years and it is a great feeling to appreciate and respect the deep relationships that have formed over this timeframe.  The dedicated coaches and administrators of Fortis FC are fully committed and have agreed to come together to form a community where the players always will come first.  Fortis FC also is dedicated to supporting learning opportunities for our coaching staff enabling them to attend additional licensure courses and numerous clinics and conventions.  This is to make sure we provide you a progressive approach to player development.  Furthermore, other close relationships have resulted in an experienced administrative group to support the operations of Fortis FC which is critical to ensure a pleasant and organized experience for all of our club members. 

Fortis FC will strive to instill a love for the game in each of our players and to provide an environment where each player may participate according to his or her interest and ability.  We know you have many choices and appreciate your decision to consider joining our community.  Any commitment to Fortis FC is something we do not take lightly and our professional staff of administrators and coaches will do everything we can to ensure your decision is rewarded with a valuable, educational, enjoyable and highly competitive experience.  Every player and every team at Fortis FC will be important and that is something we will stake our reputation on.  We will look to you our customers to make sure we stay true to that philosophy and always keep our eye on the ball.  Fortis FC never will be comfortable with where it is at and will learn lessons and have a continuous improvement mentality to maintain a forward thinking never settling approach to the growth of your sons and daughters.

Please note that this website is a starting point and Fortis FC is working diligently to soon have a robust, well organized comprehensive website where we will post additional detailed information such as our age based skills matrix and training curriculum.  Under the Why Fortis FC? button you will see some present and future reasons to consider us.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you for your time and consideration and myself and the rest of the Fortis FC team looks forward to seeing you the week of June 6.

Kind regards,

Mike Elster

Founder and President Fortis FC

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